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2008 Season 2 Information! Empty 2008 Season 2 Information!

Post  coheed22 on Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:35 am

Hello Shot Online Community!

We here at Shot Online are happy to announce that the 2008 Season 2 update for the game will be coming in the near future! Here is a glimpse at what is expected to come:

1. New character
- Name: Camillia
- Age: 26 years old
- Nationality: Brazil
2008 Season 2 Information! Camilla1 2008 Season 2 Information! Camilla2 2008 Season 2 Information! Camilla3

2. New Course
- Course Name: Pearl Green Island
- Difficulty: Between Cadeiger and Rufus Arena
2008 Season 2 Information! PearlGreenIsland1 2008 Season 2 Information! PearlGreenIsland2

3. Sound Upgrade
- The new course BGMs are all renewed with new high quality BGMs. Also, sound effects are renewed in the game.

4. Las Vegas Game Mode
- Required Players: 4
- Details: The highest level and lowest level are set to the same team, and the rest gets on the other team. The two teams have a team match and each team member is changed on every hole according to the score of the previous hole.
- The winning team receives an additional 50% EXP on each hole and the losing team receives 50% less EXP.

5. World Wide Arena
- World-wide tournament is opened to all Shot Online users and user can check their rankings on the tournament.
World Ranking
* All of the scores of the World Championship is recorded
* The method of score calculation was adopted from realistic PGA tournament and ranking is decided according to it.
* The world ranking for World Championship will be decided according to the all World Championship score records for the last 1 year from the registered world wide arena.
My Course Ranking
* This feature allows you to check your course ranking among all the users in the world.
* The average score of each course is calculated and the ranking is decided accordingly.
* The course score records are updated every 6 months.

6. Messenger
- The updated messenger will help manage the Friend List, guild member list and graduate fellows list in one form.
- A note system will also be added.
- You will also be able to set your status (Online, Busy, etc)
- The friend registration process has been changed (Both sides need to allow registration)
- The limitation of the Friends list has been set to a max of 200.

7. Guild
- Take in/out Guild Locker function has been added (Master/Assistant Master/Regular Member/Semi Member)
* There will be a also a guild locker usage log in the game
- Assistant Guild Masters are increased according to the guild level.
- Benefit for Master/Assistant Master
* Additional guild points
* Additional guild coupons

8. Enhanced Chat Window
- Users will be able to choose and set up regular chat, guild chat, private messages and tips.
- The existing chat messages will remain when moving to the Square, Auction House and Game List.

9. Higher Graphic Quality
- Lighting Effect: More realistic and stereoscope expressions for the characters.
- Multi Texture: Realistic visual updated on all courses.
- More delicate transparent expressions.
- Face Motion: Face animation added while rounding.

10. Quest
- An NPC will provide quests in which users need to complete a certain condition in order to gain a certain item, EXP, NG or special items.
- Quest for lower level users - These Quests will help and educate the beginners on how to play Shot Online easier.
- Quest for Mid and High level users - These Quests will provide new goals to mid/high level users who just aim to level up.
(Currently the Quest NPC is set up for only low leveled users only)

11. Caddy System
- It will help and record scores.
- Additional functions will follow soon.

12. Enhance user loading on square
- Enhanced the loading time when users enter the square.
- No delay when entering the square.

13. In Game Item Mall
- Users will be able to use the Item Mall in the game.
- A "Send as Gift" function has been added.
- You will be able to preview what a certain Item Mall item looks on your character before purchasing.
- Purchasing Campus Cash will still be available through the website only.

Please note that these updates are not final and are subject to change at any time before the final release.

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